Barbary Macaques on the Road

by hopesfrenzy

The long varied road from the Sahara to Fes that day was arduous for me, with my awful throat. We stopped and got some lozenges, but they didn’t help.

Between sleeps, I peered out at the landscape as it morphed from sandy desert to one of dirt, to foothills and lowlands, high mountains and into the suburbs of Fes – the second largest city in Morocco.

Before reaching Fes, we passed through a forest in the middle Atlas where, quite suddenly, Ismail spotted some Barbary macaques, an endangered species of old world monkeys. I was thrilled because I really wanted my siblings to see the monkeys. While not as a close encounter as the monkeys we saw in Malaysia, it was still very cool!

The weirdest part was that the forest looked just like California’s – only with monkeys!

Caravanning with Ismail, the siblings, Stéphane and Nick
Location: Middle Atlas, Morocco

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