Biking through Woods and Dunes

by hopesfrenzy

Our second Koningsdag in the Netherlands was spent on a weekend away from the city (our second in a row) at Hoge Veluwe, a large (for NL) national park that has a bit of everything: woods, rolling fields, and sand dunes, of course. We were staying in a little bit of a strange jam-packed trailer vacation park sort-of-thing. We had a beautiful little Airbnb though, with a sunny courtyard and bikes to rent.

Veluwe is split into two parts: Hoge Veluwe National Park and Veluwezoom National Monument. On our first day, we biked from our Airbnb, and then into and through Hoge Veluwe. It was so breathtaking to just be in nature and out of the city – really rejuvenating! We biked through heaths and forests after entering. All across the park, there were these lonely white-blossoming trees. There weren’t many, so they stood out. I took lots of pictures.

In the middle we grabbed some lunch and a couple of biertjes in the warm April sun.

The next day (mijn verjaardag!) we went to the other park: Veluwezoom. I packed a couple of biertjes for myself of the hike. The day was BEAUTIFUL!  It was so amazing to be outside in the sun after such a long quarantine and pandemic.  We drove there as it was a bit farther than the national park, and went on a long “hike”.

Biking with Stéphane
Location: Veluwe, The Netherlands

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