Blue Skies, Dry Hills in the Capital

by hopesfrenzy

Stéphane and I flew to Boise, Idaho for a long weekend in the fall. Originally, it was a surprise for my sister Lacy’s 30th birthday! But the surprise part became less important and it was just a celebratory birthday weekend! My sisters showed us around Boise based out of their apartment on Rose Hill. The weekend was chilly, but not too cold. Fall was ending and you could feel winter coming. Coming down from Rose Hill provides this incredible view of downtown Boise set before the hills in the not-too-far-distance.

Downtown we walked through Freak Alley with loads of graffiti art. It reminded me of Graffiti Alley in Toronto, which we had visited in September. Every capital city includes a visit to the capitol building! Boise’s capitol was several stories with interesting exhibits. We got to go into each of the legislative chambers, as well as different nooks and sitting rooms.

Before my aunt happened to visit Lacy and Tess in Boise, none of us knew that we had relatives who had lived and were buried in Boise–right by where my sisters lived! Like, within walking distance! So we visited our ancestors’ graves, and I have the site marked on my Google maps in case we ever need to go back.

Our weekend ended with the four of us driving up Table Rock, the mountain that overlooks the city. From here you could see all of Boise and the surrounding (nearly empty) landscapes. It was a great visit!

Wandering with Lacy, Tess and Stéphane
Location: Boise, Idaho, US

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