Burning Sands in the Red Desert

by hopesfrenzy

Outside the city of Las Vegas in the desert, north of Lake Mead, is the Valley of Fire, where the rock is red and the temperature – when we drove through – was 113 degrees. It was sweltering, beautiful and dry. The air, suffocating. But Stéphane and I adventured here anyway. We had left my family in Utah that morning to catch our plane in Las Vegas, and decided to hit a few places up on the way.

As Stéphane and I pulled into the Valley of Fire, we got out at the first stop. Our view was the flatness. The dry desolation. It was beautiful.

We tried to spend most of the time in the car with the AC on as high as possible. But the moments we were outside, were a little magical. The lizards were everywhere! Some had spots. And some were ginormous. I really wanted to see a Gila Monster, but, alas, none were to be found.

After Valley of Fire, we drove by Lake Mead and Hoover Dam – both were breathtaking.

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Valley of Fire, Nevada, US

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