Capturing Some Artistic Moments

by hopesfrenzy

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York obviously has some amazing pieces of artwork – some of the best in the world. While I feel it normal to capture sculptures in my photography, I rarely find art as appropriate to include. I got a little meta this time though.

Each one of these paintings caught my emotions for different reasons.

With Jared French by Luigi Lucioni, I found this painting incredibly striking. The way this man (who is gay) both violently and seductively captures your eye contact.

Lucas I by Chuck Close is a larger than life painting of a man named Lucas, entirely composed of these colored dots within squares.

The Innocent Eye Test by Mark Tansey: The cow stares at the cow. Does he recognize his being? Or his self? Does he even know what he is seeing?

I had just finished reading Moby Dick when I saw this exhibit on whaling and Herman Melville’s famous novel. The blurry, rough images of whaling scenes really brought to life his work. This image is from Whalers by Joseph Mallord William Turner.

I did not capture the last one, but it was on a large mural surrounding the room.

Musing with Lucinda
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, US

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