City Below the Fortress

by hopesfrenzy

Spending the afternoon drinking a Cusquena and strolling about a quiet town was exactly how I wanted to spend our last day on the road…and it was all in the shadow of a great fortress perched high above Ollantaytambo.

After the Inca Trek, showers and a place to sleep in Aguas Calientes, and one more day in Machu Picchu, we stopped in Ollantaytambo while waiting for the rest of the Sexy Llamas who stayed a second day so that we could catch a familiar (and free) bus back to Cusco. The afternoon was pleasant in the sun, baggage in tow, shopping, eating, taking pictures and playing with cats.

As Mariel and I were drinking a beer and journaling in a small square, the sun was setting. “Fortress Silhouette” below is actually two mountains – one in the shade, and another in the sun, both with ruins on them. It was a pretty stark image to behold. I wanted to explore the mountain fortress, but alas! we were so tired….

Exploring with Mariel
Location: Ollantaytambo, Peru

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