City Birds of Paradise

by hopesfrenzy

After Thailand, Stéphane and I found ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, where his parents lived, with a couple of days to spare. On our first day to explore, we ventured to the main park area of KL (as it’s fondly called by locals and foreigners alike). Our first destination was the KL Bird Park which, generally, wasn’t an awful place. The birds were magnificent, and right there in the open with no wires, windows or cages.

It was a fairly large space, so we got right to exploring. Many different birds, including peacocks, were milling about. Our favorite was probably (what I imagine to be) the Milky Storks, a bird native to peninsular Malaysia and also endangered. They were quite the ham, as you can see.

One last note about this bird park — since it was open air, it was also INCREDIBLY hot. Sweltering, really, and we were very sweaty and walking slowly through the malaise. Worth it, though.

I love “Freedom Stork Style” because, as I was looking up and around, I noticed that one of the storks had either gotten loose or it was a wild one that came to visit its cousins. It created quite a stir among the Milky Storks on our side of the roof.

In “Milky Storks,” these birds were making quite the scene. It seemed like the one on the ground was a female guarding its eggs or in heat or something, and the males were waiting “patiently” by.

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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