City in the Highlands

by hopesfrenzy

While studying abroad in Italy, Jaime and I took a trip over spring break to Scotland. In Edinburgh, we explored the streets and cobblestone paths and interesting gardens off the beaten path. Our ultimate destination was Arthur’s Seat – the amazing open park that juts out over the city.

In “Pillars,” I am featured in the photograph. I think that my favorite part about it is simply the epic scale of it. Those huge columns and my small body. Such a great memory, and it makes for a great photo.

When we made it to Arthur’s Seat, the sun was setting over this gorgeous Scottish city. This runner ran up the hill past us (for some reason we climbed up the muddy vertical part in which Jaime lost her wallet) and was almost out of sight by the time we got to the tip of it. After all the pubs and chips, Edinburgh gets a pretty good grade.

Traveling with Jaime
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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