Cloudy Afternoon on the Côte d’Azur

by hopesfrenzy

Even with the clouds, Nice is a beautiful city. And, while we didn’t swim in the azure blue waters, while there we did certainly have a French Riviera experience.

After spending a very relaxing evening and morning with Stéphane’s grandmother, who lives in Nice, we set out to explore before it rained too much. We got into our little rental car and drove through the streets of downtown Nice and up the hills to the Parc des Arènes de Cimiez, where we explored an abandoned festival grounds, Roman ruins and the Matisse museum.

Lastly, we took a stroll through the Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez which had amazing views of the cliffs around Nice and the surrounding waters. The clouds blocked some views, but it also added a beautiful depth. Then it rained, so we went back home!

“Grandpa II” reminds me fondly of another photograph from 2008 taken in Italy.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Nice, France

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