Cruising the Coastal Cities

by hopesfrenzy

After Zagreb, our last two destinations in Croatia included the small town of Šibenik and the large, cruise port city of Dubrovnik. In Šibenik we enjoyed the quaintness – quiet dinners, late nights and beautiful sunsets. In Dubrovnik, we took a more aggressive agenda to see the whole city.

Šibenik will remain very fond in my memories. After my traveling buddies and I had finished dinner at a wonderful restaurant where we got a free plate of cooked and uncooked anchovies, we erupted onto the seaside stroll to this beautiful image. The next day, we explored cobble stone streets back and forth, getting lost at times, but ultimately arriving at our destination of the castle on the hill. The streets were largely quiet. We really only stumbled on other tourists, getting lost just as we were.

Unfortunately, cats are not liked in Šibenik. Not only did we witness a young boy kicking a soccer ball at a cat while we were there, but one of the guys we met told us that it’s not uncommon to have people throw rocks at cats or do other horrible things.

Our next destination was Dubrovnik.  The red roofs were pervasive in both, but the history of Dubrovnik was fascinating. It’s city-state history, as well as being destroyed during the wars in the 90’s.

The roofs there are absolutely gorgeous. The rich red and orange covers the landscape, both new tiles and the older rotting tiles that are slowly being replaced with age. Dubrovnik is truly a tourist town, packed daily with arriving cruise ships that are gone by dinner time. The city walls are a really nice stroll that took us around the city, often hugging the coast. The other amazing thing about Dubrovnik is that it’s clear that people truly live there – many were going about their daily lives.

Sightseeing with my friends
Location: Šibenik and Dubrovnik, Croatia

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