Descent into the Volcanic Caldera

by hopesfrenzy

I wasn’t prepared for Ngorongoro Crater. A massive volcanic caldera that acts as a natural cradle for resident populations of wildlife. The morning air was cool on our way down as we passed villages and zebra in the distance.

The Maasai herders were taking their cattle out past the red dusted acacia. By the time we passed the final checkpoint into the crater, the air was warm — and we were excited!

The first animal we stumbled upon was a lionness, hiding in the tall grass, unseen by the surrounding animals. Thomson’s gazelles, zebra, Cape buffalo, elands and more were milling around the lionness. She would glance back at us – the curious humans – before watching her prey.

We perched ourselves on a ridge overlooking an expansive green river. Two elephants, far off, trekked toward it. I felt like we were in Jurassic Park. Another special moment is when we found a hyena mother – and a cub!

What was I doing in Tanzania? This was my Social Sabbatical with my company, SAP Concur. Read my stories here.

Safari with my colleagues
Location: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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