Desert Departure as the Sun Rises

by hopesfrenzy

I had a difficult sleep that night in the desert. The wind reverberated violently against the tents all night — and I woke up with a wicked sore throat. It was AWFUL! I barely could get out of bed for the sunrise, but for a couple of moments it was worth it.

Slowly moving with a dry throat in the desert, I somehow managed to snap some beautiful photos while getting ready or from our desert jeep. We were the last ones to leave our encampment, just a couple of us, and our jeep was packed to the brim with the Berber folks who worked with us. They even climbed on the side.

What I remember of the desert was spectacular. Climbing dunes. Vast landscapes. Music and food.

Caravanning with the siblings, Stéphane and Nick
Location: Sahara desert, Morocco

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