Elephant Herd Under the Acacia

by hopesfrenzy

After lunch, we almost immediately found an elephant herd. with. Three. BABIES!!

The moments were magical. We were struck with how the elephants approached us, especially the young ones. They were cautious, but got way closer than I expected. It was so fun. It still strikes me how humans kill these animals for their ivory. Too many to sustain the populations of Africa. It hurts to see so many here in these safe places, and know that even here, they aren’t completely safe. We watched them here, until they started to walk off.

Our last true safari day in Africa, we savored every moment of it. While in Tanzania, we saw a lot of herds – zebra, wildebeest and more. In these photos are a herd of elephants, impala and, believe it or not, giraffe. Eight of them!

We watched the giraffe for a good 20 minutes. At first, there were only two. They were looking intensely to the right, as several more walked out of the canyon. Another practically fell down a riverbank to reach its herd. Once together, they started to march, nearly single file, into the distance.

It was marvelous.

What was I doing in Tanzania? This was my Social Sabbatical with my company, SAP Concur. Read my stories here.

Safari with my colleagues
Location: Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

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