Etched in Water and Wine

by hopesfrenzy

It was hot in mid-July as we set out from New York City through the suburbs and eventual forests and farmlands of central New York state. We were heading to the center of the state, and one of the more remarkable geographic features: the Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes are long, thin lakes that, well, look like fingers. We were staying at Taughannock Falls State Park, though nearby Watkins Glen State Park is significantly more famous for its stunning river, etched through stone with pools, waterfalls and staircases.

Early in the morning, on our last day in Taughannock, we were the only hikers who visited the trickling summer falls, through the almost dry creek bed.

We also visited Ithaca, with its own set of staircase waterfalls that I simply couldn’t capture to do their beauty justice. They were stunning.

Camping with Stéphane
Location: The Finger Lakes, New York, US

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