Exploring the Stark Oregon Coast

by hopesfrenzy

Family vacation for summer 2010 was Depoe Bay, Oregon — centered on the beautiful coast of the state. Oregon’s coast is brutally magnificent, with harsh cliffs, pebbled beaches and stark contrasts. The beach towns that dot the landscape each has its own character (or characters in the case of the sea lions).

Cliffs plummeted to the ocean ten feet of lawn from the backdoor of our condo on the Oregon coast, and the sunsets were breathtaking. The Pacific ocean delivered crash after crash of white capped wave while the clouds slowly encircled the setting sun. So gorgeous.

The sea lions at Newport fight all day long about getting up into the warm pile of bodies in the cage that’s in the top of this picture, pushing other sea lions off or pushing their way in and flopping down so hard that the other lions can’t move and so they all give up and go back to sleeping. Some of the sea lions had coupled off, including this pair. The lighter and smaller one rubbed his head up and down the other one’s body for an hour. So cute.

The petrified tree stumps along the shoreline at Neskowin beach have become oases for life, with snails, krill and barnacles patiently waiting until the tide comes back in.

On our last day, my sister really wanted to fly a kite. After about 45 minutes of trying to figure out how to put it together correctly so that it would actually fly, we launched it and boy did it soar beyond anything we expected. All day we were watching other kites fly really high, and I know that it crossed my mind more than once that our kite could never get so high. Well, I was wrong. That is my sister in the picture.

These are some of the best photos I think I have ever taken. Each one tells a story, so spend some time here. And then spend some time on the Oregon coast yourself.

Vacationing with my family
Location: Depoe Bay, Oregon, US

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