From Ocean to Peaks

by hopesfrenzy

After our big day in Plitvice, we headed back to our Airbnb and relaxed for the afternoon before heading into Zadar, a large city on the coast of Northern Dalmatia. It was a beautiful town! We walked along the old city walls as the sun was setting and then got some drinks by the water before heading to dinner. It was a relaxing end to a busy day.

The next morning, we got up early and drove a very short distance to Pavlenica National Park where there were fewer waterfalls and people and more mountains! It’s a very popular mountain climbing spot given it’s sheer rock faces. Our hike took us through the canyon and then up and over one of the passes. There were lots of routes and even a small bar in the middle, but for the latter half we were on our own, completely. It was very breathtaking and refreshing; it felt so good to be in the wild and not surrounded by people.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

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