Frost, Swans, and Sunsets

by hopesfrenzy

This is part of a series going back through my phone photos and finding my favorites of Amsterdam and its environs. I’m writing this post in 2024, reflecting on my years here.

In 2022, I made an unofficial New Year’s resolution to take more pictures of Amsterdam. I wanted to mark occasions and find more beauty in my immediate surroundings. I wanted to share what I was seeing with my friends and family. Plus just capturing some of these moments has been so special.

Spanning from winter to winter, January to December, most of these shots are from my runs (#viewsfrommyrun) on the way through de Jordaan to Westerpark and back. Some places I pass multiple times a week and finally get the inspiration to take the picture, and other times the light or environment bring something special to the moment.

Especially the mural of de pelikaan: I passed this restaurant many times during the pandemic, but afterwards they did not survive and were one of the many casualties. I also love the little flowers poking out in front of the hotel in Westerpark; often the first buds of spring in March.

The two shots from a dakterras during sunset were during a summer get-together with friends. It was a beautiful day, and we had some lekker eten en drinken. I’ll never forget gallivanting with wine during the sunset, feeling surrounded by the beautiful canal homes.

Running on my own
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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