Garden of Good and Evil

by hopesfrenzy

Our last few hours spent in Savannah, we visited one of the top places to go in the city: Bonaventure Cemetery. While there were a lot of people there, and it was already after noon, the cemetery still had pockets where we were completely alone. The Spanish moss, featuring prominently throughout our entire visit to the south, had the expected effects.

It was a nice stroll overall, peering at old gravestones from centuries past and remembering some of the stories we had heard on the ghost tour the night before (little Gracie, for example).

Our last stop (literally en route to the airport!) was to finally see an alligator! Actually we found two of them, swimming around in a lake on a church parking lot. Pretty cool, but hard to get any good photos as they were so far out.

Sightseeing with my family
Location: Savannah, Georgia, US

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