Getting Weird in the Weird City

by hopesfrenzy

As cities go, Austin is a cool one. It was sweltering, but beautiful, unique and welcoming. And, of course, a little bit weird. Stéphane went to college in Austin, plus his family lives in the city, so we were immediately right at home. We hung out with his aunt and uncle, brother and cousins. Such a blast!

We spent one of our few days in Austin on a river, floating for hours. It was beautiful!! The quietude, minus the few spots where we encountered swimming holes, relaxed the entire group.

Of course, we saw all of the sights — the capitol building and Blanton Museum of Art. It was a brilliant!

At the Congress Avenue Bridge, we waited for the bats to emerge – along with hundreds of other people! We weren’t let down. We watched in awe has thousands and thousands of bats emerged from the bridge to feast on the bugs in the night. Some of them barely skirted by our heads, but most jetted straight out into and around a tree and disappeared.

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Austin, Texas

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