by hopesfrenzy

While the Tower of Pisa is by far the only special thing in this tourist-trap of a town, I am glad that I went nonetheless because I got the opportunity to see this grandfather teaching his grandson how to ride a bike.  This picture was taken on the fly (and had to be cropped to edit out some unimportant details), but I think the end product came out pretty well.

Italian culture is amazing in many ways.  I love how the older man is wearing his best shoes while teaching the toddler to ride–one can only imagine that the bike’s wheels will tread over the shined shoes.  It’s also interesting to imagine how long this bike has been in their family.  I love the color of the building behind, and it really creates the setting of Pisa: decrepit in parts, but quintessentially Italian.  And touristy.


Wandering with Jaime
Location: Pisa, Italy

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