Het Koninklijk Paleis

by hopesfrenzy

This was our second time visiting the Palace of Amsterdam on Dam Square. While the building is impressive from the outside, there is also an austere air about it. You don’t realize just how amazing the palace is on the inside. Originally, the palace was used as the city hall; but in later years it became the palace of the royal family. A lot of the gaudier and golden bits were installed by the French when they had conquered the Netherlands for a period.

Today, it’s used as a reception place for state visits and, of course, for us explorers and tourists that want to see it for ourselves! This is one of my favorite sights in Amsterdam. The tour does a great job explaining the history, and there are even some new exhibits with more interactive art explainers that are just amazing.

It’s a lot of fun to wander around, see the different rooms and learn about the Dutch Golden Age.

Gazing up with Stéphane and his cousins
Location: Het Koninklijk Paleis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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