Hiking along the Coast Track and Tide Flats

by hopesfrenzy

Our adventures took us to Abel Tasman National Park on the south island. Early in the morning, we boarded a boat taxi to Totaranui Beach, where we ventured to Anapai, an hour’s walk away. Once there, Stéphane and I were the only ones there on a pristine beach with aquamarine waters. It was perfect!

I won’t lie: after our hike on Tongariro we were EXHAUSTED. Thankfully, the Abel Tasman Coast Track was beautiful — though every time we had to scale a head’s steep switchbacks, we groaned. Between forests and beaches, our trek lasted all afternoon so we could reach our destination for the evening. At Goat Bay, we found a colony of green-lipped mussels, a native to the area. They are huge and have an amazing green tint to the shell.

I was enthralled with the weka birds. They are like “rats” we were told by a Kiwi, but still, I liked them and their curiosity. When Stéphane and I reached the tide flats across from Awaroa, it was midday and we were ready to be at our destination.

The tide flats were in our way – along with a small group of wekas, a few dozen crabs and millions of shells. The crabs were amazing – scattering as we stomped through their homes. And the shells! At one moment I took a step and felt a crunch. What I thought was white rocks was nothing but shells upon shells upon shells.

We had fun galloping through the salt and fresh water streams, and avoiding the sandy, smushy puddles.

Trekking with Stéphane
Location: Abel Tasman, New Zealand

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