Hiking the Mountain Forests

by hopesfrenzy

For my family vacation in 2011, we drove south to Big Bear in San Bernardino National Forest. We spent a lot of time exploring the area – hiking around Big Bear and exploring Palm Springs. Big Bear is a beautiful area, and the hikes around the area are largely unforgettable. Especially the gun sight trail.

On one hike, my family and I were truckin’ along, and then, quite suddenly, we turned into a wide meadow filled to the brim with these strange plants. My siblings and I stepped into the muddy field with the sun in our eyes. As we peered into more and more of the plants, we found more and more ladybugs.

My siblings will also remember the hike to “Big” Bertha Peak as one of the most strenuous in their lives. I, on the other hand, am used to more difficult hikes and I got the chance to take some pictures on the way up. I rested my hand on the boulder and realized the beautiful pattern of lichen that was growing on the rock.

This lichen reminded me of my other lichen experience in Alaska. The bright red is a sharp contrast to the green lichens of Alaskan forests.

Hiking with my family
Location: Big Bear, California, US

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