Hill Town

by hopesfrenzy

The hill towns of Italy are picturesque in their own way.  The towns literally crowd around the top of hills and their streets wind up and down between buildings and on the cliffs overlooking the houses below them.  This particular house jutted out of the hill with a backyard that dropped off onto the houses below it.  I love the color of the house, and it’s hard to imagine someone actually living in it because it looked like it was decades old.  A house in such a precarious position, however, comes with a magnificent view, a view that would be even more brilliant were it not overcast and rainy.

Overlooking this house my friends and I also got the chance to meet an Italian man who was fascinated by us.  We talked about the weather a little, and he complimented the girls I was with on their beauty.

Hill Town

Excursion with my class
Location: Todi, Italy

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