Juxtaposition on Governors Island

by hopesfrenzy

The ferries around New York City do not run all year long – some are seasonal. One island in particular I have been very keen to get to: Governors Island. Stéphane and I walked all the way to Whitehall Ferry Terminal and got on a little boat that passed the gargantuan Staten Island Ferry.

There’s a fort on the island that is now abandoned: Fort Jay. We galloped around, through old walkways and barracks and overlooks. The canons were point directly at Manhattan. The juxtaposition of the World Trade Center to the ruins of an old military fort was stark and stunning, especially on a beautiful, summer day.

As we circled Governors Island, along the water, we encountered shells drying in the sun and relaxed in the sun across from the Statue of Liberty and gawking tourists.

A perfect afternoon!

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Governors Island, New York, US

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