Lookout Atop the Mountain

by hopesfrenzy

Two friends and I decided to hike up to the fire lookout on Mount Pilchuck on one sunny sunny and warm September day. It was breathtaking! We trekked almost entirely uphill, mostly on our own, and it was a lot of fun. Our destination: the old fire lookout on the top of Mount Pilchuk. Plus, the peak was breathtaking!

One of my friends knows a lot about plants. He showed me salmonberry and a number of other plants. When I found the redcap mushroom below, he gave me a piece of advice: don’t eat them!

Beyond the structure of the fire lookout, there were massive rocks on which to sunbathe, and a 360 degree view of the entire range. As we stood there, a propeller plane flew by, and circled the peak. Not just once, but twice. It was awesome.

Hiking with Ian and Wesley
Location: Mount Pilchuk, Washington, US

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