Mama Duck

by hopesfrenzy

This is part of a series going back through my phone photos and finding my favorites of Amsterdam and its environs. I’m writing this post in 2024, reflecting on my years here.

We were in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, stuck in our relatively small Amsterdam apartment day after day. It had been about two months of this. Of course it was cold anyway, but we had barely ventured out of the apartment – only to the grocery store and back. Finally, the weather was almost good enough, and we were brave enough, to venture a bit further.

We got on our bikes and rode out to the Kissing Couple XXXL which is a huge statue of a little Dutch boy and girl kissing along the Noordzeekanaal. Heel typische Nederlands. We rode past a lot of industrial areas, including port infrastructure and a garbage incinerator, as well as lots of train tracks. Along a long, tree-lined road were what seemed to be abandoned conveyor transport buildings, which were dotted with office/indoor spaces. One of them featured this amazing wall art.

This was our real first trip out during the pandemic, and it was the start of what I like to call the “glorious summer of Europe” where our cases were super low due to the initial quick actions and the weather was, well, glorious.

Cycling with Stéphane
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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