Monument Tour by Sun and Moon

by hopesfrenzy

The next stop along my afternoon walkabout along the mall were the greens around the Washington Monument. I walked right up to it and touched it. Completed four years before the Eiffel Tower in 1884, it was the world’s tallest structure at the time and still remains the world’s tallest obelisk.

While I didn’t get to go up the monument itself (more reasons to visit again), the sun, clouds and plethora of flags about the structure offered a breathtaking view both for me and my camera. After the monument, I went to join our president for dinner… by standing outside the White House lawn.

They say you have to see the monuments twice: once during the day, and once at night. Night is so much better!

After dinner with my coworkers, I got my stuff and embarked for a few hours on a walk around the monuments. I wasn’t the only one, as you can see. This young man was taken photos of the Washington Monument just like I was. The ones he ended up in became more interesting.

The World War II memorial was also quite stunning. Each state had its own memorial, with a single red rose. I found California’s.

Sightseeing on my own
Location: Washington Monument, Washington, DC, US

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