Morning Walks around Krakow

by hopesfrenzy

While we were in Poland for a friend’s wedding, we spent a couple of nights in Krakow. Both mornings we set out to walk around the city, visit bakeries and restaurants, and explore what we could in the short time that we had there.

The first morning we set out for the main square of Krakow. The sun was just rising over the buildings. While Stéphane was checking into his office which was right off the square, I set off to take the atmosphere in (as well as some photographs). There are a couple of churches and a tower on the square, in addition to the main “Cloth Hall”.

The second morning in Krakow, we had slightly more time, so we walked all of the way to Wawel Castle and the complex of cathedrals and buildings that surround it. We weren’t able to go in, but after getting iced coffees we set up the hill through one of the side gates. We marveled at the greenery and ruins! The golden dome and gargoyles of one of the cathedrals also really caught our attention. Beyond that, there was a columned courtyard, mostly empty, that reminded us a bit of some of the courtyards of Morocco.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Krakow, Poland

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