Muddy Waters and a Muddy Meadow

by hopesfrenzy

We checked the Mud Volcano region one day. We knew that there were bison in the area because not only were they sitting by the road, but there were a number of signs warning us about them. We walked up the path around the geothermal features and finally came to the Churning Cauldron where a couple of bison had decided to set up camp. I couldn’t fathom why they wanted to sit by the cauldron: it was hot, smelly, loud, and incredibly steamy. Nevertheless, they apparently liked it.

The Dragon’s Cauldron is pretty unique because of the steam rising out of the cave.

We also hiked into the Hayden Valley and got pretty close and personal with a group of bison. They walked right past us on their way to the water hole, and were there on our way back just chilling. To be honest, I was a bit worried because of all the hype about them “goring” people to death, but they were completely docile and didn’t bother us a bit. They’re powerful looking animals, but seem to have the temperament of cows.

Imagine my mom lightly running through muddy grass to escape the gaze of a group of wandering bison.

It wouldn’t be until 2014 that I’d be back to Yellowstone.

Vacationing with my family
Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US

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