Musings on the Pacific Coast Highway

by hopesfrenzy

Which choice to make? North meant Oregon, Seattle, Canada. South mean San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico and beyond. At the time, north was our home and our destination. But the starkness of the sign against the fogged redwoods and shrubbery posed a daunting question.

The Pacific Ocean was at our backs – literally yards away. And we were virtually alone in the National Park. My friends and I were on a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco and back. We sat there for a few minutes. And turned left.

Dusk was upon my friends and me as we curved through the Redwood National Forest on the Pacific Coast. Not only was the sun setting, but the fog was rolling in – that fog so famous in San Francisco and so unexpected in this unfamiliar destination. It felt like a horror movie and melodic music video all rolled up into one. A slow passage through timeless giants. The fog and sun rays had a chilling effect on the setting, more so than if there had been no sun. Not to mention, my friends and I were in a hurry – we had to reach a place to sleep before darkness, if possible.

Road tripping with Jade and Sean
Location: Redwood National Forest, California, US

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