My Last Days in Rome

by hopesfrenzy

My time in Rome was winding down in the spring. Both before and after my trip through eastern Europe, I spent as much time exploring the city as I could with my friends, whom at this point I was sorely starting to miss. Walking the Tiber as the trees bloomed, exploring museums and street fairs and landmarks. It was a magical time!

The amazing thing about Rome is that no matter how much time you spend exploring the city and its ruins and landmarks, there are always more and more amazing things to see! One such place was the Jewish quarter of Rome. Right next to the area were a number of ruins, but I thought that the most beautiful part of it was the architecture. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that people still live in buildings that look like the one above.

On my last full day, I had just gotten off an overnight train from Sicily and was dead tired and going a little crazy. I decided to walk through Rome one last time, and I got off at the Colosseo stop and walked from the Colosseum all the way to my apartment past the Cipro station.

Right outside the Colosseum I saw “Mary” chalked into the ground. Normally I wouldn’t put up pictures of just a chalk drawing, but I think that the situation was unique. It was just the early morning and this drawing was there, without any artist. Not to mention, it’s beautiful.

Exploring on my own
Location: Rome, Italy

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