Odd Little Town in the Heel

by hopesfrenzy

My experience in Lecce in the heel of Italy was extremely odd for a number of reasons.  One of them was the weather.  We went to the south of Italy in hopes of getting to the beaches, warm sun, and an alternative for the rainy weather back in Rome.  Well, it snowed.  That’s right.  In the middle of the overcast day it began to snow, and we couldn’t have been more flabbergasted. We spent as much time as we could eating at restaurants.

Walking into a square, my friends and I discovered that we had just missed a wedding on the steps of a familiar church.  Rice littered the steps and the cobblestone. This basket of rice and flowers was standing at the church door. I picked out a little bit and threw it at my friends. Chaos ensued with a rice fight! Eventually it settled, we took some group pictures on the steps, and I took this of the basket.

Exploring with my classmates
Location: Lecce, Italy

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