On the Rattlesnake Ledge

by hopesfrenzy

A couple friends and I went hiking in the Snoqualmie Pass region of western Washington – one of the most beautiful places in the world as far as I am convinced. I had done this hike before, but the thick fog created an entirely different experience as we climbed through the quietude. Not many adventurers were on the trail at the early hour, and we were literally ascending through a cloud. It created this chilling effect…self-explanatory and otherworldly.

At the foot of Rattlesnake Mountain sits a lake – pristine and largely undisturbed – save by this small army of migrating Canadian geese. The sky was just opening up after a morning of thick fog…the sliver of blue really adds to the beauty in this photo. It’s almost as if the geese are curtailing the fog and bringing the blue sky with them.

This flock landed as I was exploring the shoreline and bee-lined for the field of grass I was occupying. Looking for a handout, I suppose.

Hiking with friends
Location: Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington, US

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