On the Roof of the World

by hopesfrenzy

We planned much of our Norwegian adventure around being able to hike Trolltunga and aiming for good weather. I will admit the thrill of sitting on the “Troll’s Tongue” or Trolltunga was a driving factor in the entire itinerary. But, I didn’t know that the journey would be just as worth it.

We woke up — very early — in Odda and drove 20 or so minutes to Tyssedal and onward through mountain roads to the parking lot. We opted to take the shuttle up the ten switchbacks, but **one of us** missed the first one, so there was waiting involved…

As the sun rose over the wet, rocky landscape, long shadows stretched across our path. The entire trip reminded us a lot of Bear Tooth Pass in Wyoming, driving amid mountain ponds and breezy flowery meadows. We kept getting breathtaking views of Ringedalsvatnet, the glacial lake that silks alongs the cliffs below.

We reached Trolltunga, and I got in line for my photo (yes, in line). Stéphane was a bit scared of the height (which is fair – it was pretty crazy). The line ruined the experience a bit because many people and families took 5-15+ minutes taking their pictures, using drones, and more ridiculous antics. It was crazy considering that by the time we left people would probably have to wait 2+ hours!! Nuts.

The whole experience was worth it though. Stunning, beautiful, sunny day, gallivanting on the top of the world. We were so hungry afterwards, and I picked up a selection of local IPAs to taste / down.

Hiking with Stéphane
Location: Trolltunga, Tyssedal, Norway

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