Peak Foliage at 2PM Monday

by hopesfrenzy

Here we were at our destination: Groton State Forest. We camped here for a couple of nights and as we drove in there was a sign: “peak foliage at 2pm Monday”. I couldn’t believe that we had timed our trip so well! The leaves were stunning these days.

Our campsite was on the banks of Ricker Pond. The colorful trees and gray skies reflected in the pond. An early morning kayaker cut through the water.

We went on a couple of hikes in the forest. First, we climbed Owl’s Head and, at the top, were stunned to find the lakes and colorful forests below. We snacked and rested in the breeze. The whole scene looked like a painting.

Later in the day, we ventured on a long hike, mostly flat, to reach Peacham Bog. The trail was long and winding, so we got lost for a bit of it, but when we came out into the open we found pitcher plants and amazing mosses. Unbelievably, we came upon the only other hikers at the very end of the plank trail: two older gentleman, who looked to be out here for a while.

One last thing about our day in these wilds: the mushrooms and other fungi were CRAZY!! So many different types, some boring and some beautiful. It was really something. Check them out below, along with this little fuzzy caterpillar.

Hiking with Stéphane
Location: Groton State Forest, Vermont, US

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