Please Do Not Touch

by hopesfrenzy

The George State Capitol building has a very complex history. Outside the state capitol sit historical projections placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Inside, amid the beautiful halls and multiple stories, are depictions of the state’s and capitol’s history.

One piece impacted me more than most: “Please Do Not Touch Indian”. It’s an intricate statue, smaller in stature, that depicts a Mississippian Chief with tattoos, weapon, jewelry and garments. I honestly was most stunned by the sign, however.

This isn’t just a statue — because the sign could have been written “please do not touch” or “do not touch statue”. No, this is “Indian” — this statue represents all “Indian” in the state of Georgia … just the statue. I’m being sarcastic because I think the racism in this statue and its accompanying signage is so deeply instilled in a culture that it sits there, in plain sight, and no one questions it.

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US

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