Quick Morning Jaunt up Breakneck

by hopesfrenzy

Our last stop on our road trip to upstate New York was an early morning hike up Breakneck Ridge, one of the most popular hikes in the country. It’s one that you actually can do from a train station from the city, but we could get there early with a car.

Without reading the map, we accidentally went up backwards: up the steep part and the down the “scramble” (the bouldering section you’re supposed to climb up).

We were alone for the first hour or so until we got to the top, with beautiful views of the Hudson. On the way down, we started to fight the hordes of people climbing up.

By the time we finished, well over a hundred people were marching toward the entrance (our exit). Whew! Glad it was over.

Breakneck Ridge

Hiking with Stéphane
Location: Breakneck Ridge, New York, US

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