by hopesfrenzy

This is part of a series going back through my phone photos and finding my favorites of Amsterdam and its environs. I’m writing this post in 2024, reflecting on my years here.

Continuing to take pictures of Amsterdam on my regular runs (if I’m good, it’s three times a week!), I witnessed some amazing sunsets, sunrises and more on my way to and from Westerpark. This includes some very rusted bikes and debris pulled out of the canals. One day just after a rain, I stumbled upon the snow like flowers of the park’s trees scattering all around me. That’s when I snapped Petals in a Puddle.

I love Polder Reflection below; just such an epic series of clouds reflected so perfectly in the still water of a polder. I was biking over to Zeeburgereiland to meet up with some friends, and stopped midway on the bridge to snap this one.

Lastly, when my sister was visiting, we went to the Rijksmuseum where there was an art exhibit of large, red stones arranged in different patterns. I thought it was so interesting to have these rough large boulders atop the intricate mosaic floor. A mosaic on a mosaic.

Running on my own
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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