Return to Italia on the Sea

by hopesfrenzy

As we drove southeast along the Mediterranean cliffs in our little car, my excitement level rose: I was returning to Italy, to the place where Stéphane spent some summers growing up with his family in Laigueglia.

We explored the small coastal town that evening and the next day, strolling through piazza after piazza, past the catedral where Stéphane was baptized. I ate street pizza and we got some desserts. Mmm! I missed this place. It was thrilling to get to practice my Italiano.

Up above “new” Laigueglia is Laigueglia vecchio, or the old town. It was perfect! Quintessential cobblestone streets safe and sound at the top of the hill, easy to guard. We wandered around. It was empty, off season, as the sun was setting.

Pure beauty!

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Laigueglia, Italy

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