Rising through Mist and Fog

by hopesfrenzy

We were picked up in Hanoi early in the morning and rode through the morning clouds to the coast. We were setting sail on a boat through Bai Tu Long Bay. Whisked away through pouring rain, the majestic karst mountains rose out of the water, their tops hidden in mists and fog.

The boat was a relaxing experience, with great food and a comfortable atmosphere. Quite empty for the season, we were able to explore as we wanted, and I spent a lot of time above deck gazing at the karsts as we passed them. It was stunning. As far as we could see were layers upon layers of peaks and crags in the distance, fading into the horizon. While sunny weather would have been great, these mists added a mystical, hidden feeling to our voyage.

While in the bay, we went kayaking a couple of times (it was much calmer than the Mad Mile on our trip in Abel Tasman), and one of the highlights was a trip through a fishing village. People, living on the water, have small fish farms in their “front yard”. Set amid the calm waters of a sheltered bay, we didn’t actually see any people there, but we did see a few dogs. The “guardians” of the village.

Finally, as we sailed back into harbor, the weather started to clear and rays of sun warmed the jungle-covered cliffs in the bay. It was beautiful, although a little too late for us to really enjoy it. Still, we walked away with an understanding as to why this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Cruising with Stéphane
Location: Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam

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