Roofs, Walls, and Arches

by hopesfrenzy

Our second and final day in Luxembourg was spent in the more modern part of the city: Kirchberg. This is where much of the EU buildings are based, and also where our destination sits: Fort Thungen. Actually because it was so foggy and we couldn’t really see anything from the viewpoints, instead we decided to see the contemporary art museum known as MUDAM. The museum itself was beautiful, and it had some interesting exhibits. For example, one was an exhibit of hundreds of milk jugs recreated from glass from the Beirut port explosion.

The museum was actually integrated a bit into the fort, with the walls of the fort blending into the modern rooftop and walls of the museum. It was an interesting juxtaposition. After walking around the fort a bit, we made our way down the hill and across the river back into town. Along the way we passed some relatively rural scenes, including a barn, small houses and more.

Back in the city, we walked slowly through the same streets that we walked yesterday until we got to the Christmas market at Constitution Square, admiring the views of the valley below in the sunny afternoon. We got lunch after that, grabbed our luggage, and headed to the train station where we were onto the next part of our adventure.

Wandering with Stéphane
Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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