Ruins to Riches in our Last Day

by hopesfrenzy

After Fes, we had one last leg with Ismail on the roads of Morocco – and the road led through the ancient Roman capital of the west, Volubilis. It was a very warm day as we hopped out of the car and were led around the ruins of the massive city (and mostly unearthed).

There’s so much I love about being among the ruins of Rome, as they stretch across the continents. Amazingly, there were storks among the ruins as well.

Our last stop: Casablanca. We didn’t spend much time here, but we did go on an evening walk to the Grande Hassan II Mosque. Strolling among the families and visitors at this oceanside mosque – the second largest in the world – was quite magical.

Sightseeing with Ismail, the siblings, Stéphane and Nick
Location: Volubilis & Casablanca, Morocco

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