Sand Tracks

by hopesfrenzy

Obviously the sun was out in the middle of February in southern California. So we went to the beach, my friends and I. A relic of who knows when, the lifeguard house on the left framed by my companions on the right open up a view of the Pacific Ocean, clear and cold. The sand was soft on our feet, and it wasn’t too windy.

It was a good day to walk around the beach and the Santa Monica pier, a place that I have never been. Odd for a California boy, I know. Santa Monica retains a charm of sorts, but also retains a retro feeling of the 1970s. I am not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but I think this photograph could almost as likely have been taken in 1973 as 2013.

Sand Tracks

Exploring with Sean and Jade
Location: Santa Monica, California, US

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