Shadows of Sunset

by hopesfrenzy

On our final night in Tenerife, we drove up into Teide National Park, the most popular national park in the EU and home to Mt. Teide, the third largest volcano in the world. I was a bit nervous that we were going to miss the setting sun on the short hike through the Roques de Garcia path, but we actually timed it perfectly.

We started the hike in the shadows of the sunset, hidden behind the tall rock formations on our left side. Looking out up to Mt. Teide, the rocky gentle slop to the peak was covered in beautiful, multi-colored bushes and shrubs. The way that the sun was cascading across the open spaces and through the rocks was spectacular.

Curving back along the other side of the formation, there was a vast expanses to our right, and the trail led down into the valley to “la catedral”. This jutting out was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen, similar to the Giant’s Causeway and Devil’s Tower. The sun had already set, but the faint light still made for a beautiful surrounding.

Hiking with Stéphane
Location: Tenerife, Canarias, Spain

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