Sights along the Road North

by hopesfrenzy

On our drive north from the big city to the woods of Vermont, we stopped in Albany, NY to check off another capitol building from my list. It’s a very unique building, looking more like a grand hotel than a capitol building. We approached in the mid-morning as the sun was rising – and it was incredibly chilly!

Inside, we marveled at the triple staircases with sculptures and old lighting. We walked pretty quickly through it, exploring on our own through hallways and rooms. Some of the parts felt like out of a movie.

After the capitol, we drove farther north. Just before we crossed the Lake Champlain Bridge into Vermont, we spied a historic site: Crown Point. Impromptu, we turned around and paid it a visit, gamboling through the ruins and climbing the different hills on the site. I loved the fall tree colors against the white of ruins and green of the grass.

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Albany, New York, US

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