Skirting through the Narrows

by hopesfrenzy

There’s a hike in Zion, that starts as a mile-long cement path and then you reach the river. And then, you enter the river, and tread water walking and swimming and, finally, marveling at the sharp and smooth, the cold and warm, the utter beauty. Stéphane, Lacy, Tess, Callie and I were on a mission to get as far as we could through the Narrows.

We fell and climbed and scrambled, often through shadows, but, as the sun continued to reach its peak, the ravines warmed. It’s one of the most pleasant moments of my life, exploring the one way path.

Until we turned right at the fork!

A point came where the water was deep, and the concave of the canyon wall created the most beautiful set. We galloped around the area, taking pictures, laughing, meeting strangers.

Hiking with my siblings and Stéphane
Location: Zion National Park, Utah, US

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