Snowy Squares & Frozen Canals

by hopesfrenzy

In February, something happened in Amsterdam that hadn’t happened since 2018: the canals froze over. Snow comes most years, but it’s special to be able to witness the slow freezing over of the beautiful grachten. The city closed off the canals, ceasing the flow of water and encouraging it to freeze.

We were still in lockdown (and still are to some extent now in May!), and we were not venturing out too much. Travel was still off limits, and the vaccine drive was barely getting started. I went on a couple of walks around the Jordaan and Dam Square to capture the snowy streets and fietsen, and, a few days later, the freezing grachten in the sunrise.

The city is often quiet in the mornings, and these days were especially still save for the crunch of my boots in the snow. The wind was icy and cold. It felt good to get out of the apartment, even if just for a short walk.

These photos were the last ones that I took with my old camera, a Sony NEX-6. I accidentally pushed the lens in (I think) which gave it a lens error. I am sure that the cold weather didn’t help either. Instead of just replacing the lens, I purchased a new one (a Sony a6400 in March), which I’ll be using going forward.

Strolling in the snow
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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