Street Art and Street Views

by hopesfrenzy

Our second time in Barcelona was magical. The weather was warm and the streets were alive! One of the things I loved was how much art was in the city – people were even creating it across the street from where we were staying. It was fun to watch them. One bridge we walked down featured graffiti art the entire length of the walkway. “Good Manners” was written in one piece.

I also liked the posters – the woman on the ruins of a large, decrepit greenhouse, and another on a simple door in one of the many alleyways of old Barcelona. The yellow ribbons scattered across the city were in support of a free Catalan, which is one of the semi-autonomous areas of Spain and – while we were there – voted on pro-independent candidates.

We perched at a beach side restaurant snacking on tapas and drinking sangria. A couple of surfer dudes finished their run and sat on the beach, hanging out as the sun set.

Wandering with Stéphane
Location: Barcelona, Spain

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