Streets, Squares and Parks

by hopesfrenzy

The last time I had been in Augusta, Georgia, the year was 1993. Suffice it to say, I don’t remember it very clearly. That year we visited my grandparents’ and uncle’s headstones in the cemetery, and then continued on our way into South Carolina for a fishing day with family that turned into a nightmare because that was the day I got “the splinter”. Anyway!

This visit to Augusta was very meaningful for my dad. We visited his childhood street, back to the same cemetery, his schools, and church. But we started off with an awesome lunch at a historic local deli where we met my aunt. It was a really special day.

We were staying in Savannah though, so we made several trips into town over the next few days with my family. We took a late afternoon stroll through the many shaded squares and got drinks along the riverfront as the sun was setting. A family reunion in a local park where there were definitely turtles and almost certainly alligators. A late-night ghost tour through the now-haunted squares (including Wright Square without its Spanish moss!). An early morning walk around Forsyth Park, coffee in hand, and the old mansions of Savannah (including the Mercer-Williams House which features prominently in the quintessential famous Savannah movie).

I know it’s cliché, but Savannah really was a mystical, beautiful town. We learned a lot about its history on the ghost tour, much of which is too morbid to repeat, but I very much enjoyed my time there and would love to go back one day.

Wandering with my family
Location: Augusta & Savannah, Georgia, US

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